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How to Use the Frozen, Liquid Bovine Peptide Growth Factors

Howard Benedict, D.C., conforms to the manufacturer's suggested instructions for patient and health professional's use of the frozen, liquid extract. The manufacturer's product package insert tells us that the liquid extract is marketed as a food supplement only for oral use and should always be kept frozen. The insert also states:

· Peptides should be taken on an empty stomach in the morning or in the evening, either half an hour before or two hours after a meal.
· They come in a seven?cubic centimeter vial of frozen liquid that should be thawed by holding the vial in the hand.
· Shake the contents of the vial well before unscrewing the vial cap.
· Pour half of the vial's 7 cc?content (3.5 cc) under the tongue. Hold the liquid sublingually for five minutes, and then swallow it.
· Repeat this same action with the second half of liquid.
· Keep the vial closed between each step.
· According to Dr. Benedict, who adheres to the manufacturer's recommendations, use should be as a nutritional supplement at the rate of one or two vials per week.
· This frozen, liquid, bovine liver peptide live cell extract may not be suitable for pregnant or nursing women and children under twelve years of age.


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